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MASUMO Inc is the leading water treatment and process improvement company, delivering significant environmental, social and economic performance benefits to a variety of residential, industrial and institutional customers. Our programs and services are used in water treatment applications.

  MASUMO Inc is a company which has started from scratch. When it was launched it was a single man company. The man who lay the foundation of the company is Mr. Manik Bhende. A man in his youth who had vision to succeed in life and in the process provide its clients with quality and creative idea's

 The task was uphill and a difficult one, but as they say, a journey of thousand miles begins with one single step. Mr. Bhende was determined and slowly but steadily with severe hard work and determination he started provided environment friendly solutions to various people. 

  With each passing year he was gaining trust of his clients. The journey was long but satisfying one. Today the single man company has grown into a full - fledged water care treatment team.

  Currently, MASUMO Inc is spearheaded by Mr. Mohit Bhende, son of Mr. Manik Bhende. Having dept interest and dedication towards his fathers business, Mr. Mohit is playing a leading role in the company. A hardworking youth who has been helping his father since his college days is now looking to incorporate even better and modern techniques to help provide better solutions.

 The above people and its team bring with them a unique skill into the company. This helps MASUMO Inc provide special and innovative products. 

 With the changing times, MASUMO Inc is diversifying its business area towards Air Care. In its endeavor, the company intends to help the water care industry do better in terms of technology. 

 With the kind of trust it enjoys with its clients, the company is sure it will be able to achieve its goals very soon!

  We would like to thank all our clients for extending their support and trust to us and we sincerely hope to provide them with even better services and products in the future.


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